It all started when reading Keep it Simple by Michael Warshaw, Fast Company Magazine. One way to “get a life” is to simplify the one you have. Simplicity guru Elaine St. James offered principles and techniques on making your life less complicated and more rewarding both at home and at work.
We have always tried to work on decluttering, offering our customers support in making the best choice to enlighten their interiors through simple and perfect objects.
In recent years, we have implemented our vision, pushing the boundaries aesthetically and tackling new design challenges, The Iconic Lodge is basing its fundamentals onto circular economy, presenting high-end objects that respect nature. Our goal is to give new life to what is already part of the environment. We call for better use of natural resources developing innovative, ethical designs that minimize our impact while still subconsciously reminding us of the issue. We aim to evolve and embrace a systemic change in how we think, how we behave and how we consume. We want to promote a shift in our thinking and in our behaviour to stop producing waste, bending the shorter line to use materials that are already in the system. Our model is an eco design.
The Iconic Lodge is a design company with a rich and diverse heritage, focusing on quality, value and our signature blend of styles.
 We are one of the first online shops of its kind curating exclusively circular and sustainable Design products and adding a twist to your interiors through an elegant palette of colors. We call it: effortless glamour.